Karate for beginners

Join our karate classes at Genbu-kai in Sörnäinen, Helsinki! We offer beginner courses for both children and adults. During the beginner course, you will practise the basic techniques of karate, get physical exercise and learn dojo etiquette.

The next beginner course is for children aged 7-9, beginning on Tue 3.10. at 17.20. The other beginner courses still have room (children 10-13 and adults) so get in touch if you're interested!

The training times can be found here.

The practices are held at Genbu-kai’s dojo at Suvilahdenkatu 10 A, Helsinki. All you need in the beginning of the course is a t-shirt, sweatpants and a towel.

Karate is a versatile budo art that is suited for all ages, genders and physical shapes. Come try it out!

Children practising karate at Genbu-kai's dojo.
Children's beginner class is training.

Beginner course fees (one autumn or spring season)

Adults’ course: 165€ (students 132€)
Children’s course: 160€
Teenagers’ course: 160€
Sibling discount -50% (1. child pays the regular fee, siblings -50%. Discount is also given to a child whose parent has paid a training fee)

You can sign up in advance by getting in touch with our instructors or by sending us a message.


Iaido for beginners

You can start iaido at any point during the practice season. Contact sensei Jortu Virkki either by phone (0400 625085) or by e-mail (jortu.eishinryu@gmail.com). You can also contact Genbu-kai and ask about the iaido classes if you have questions.