Budo arts that are practiced at Genbu-kai

At Genbu-kai, we have classes for three budo styles:

  • Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo (& Shorinji Ryukyu Kobujutsu)
  • Muso Jikiden Eishinryu Iaiheiho
  • Mugen ryu Heiho

Genbu-kai is a club member of Finnish Karate Federation. The chief instructor of our club and Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo style, soshi Matsuoi, teaches actively in Finland as well as in e.g. Italy, Latvia and Russia.

Karate instructor soshi Yuji Matsuoi demonstrates a sokutogeri kick.
Soshi Yuji Matsuoi.

Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo

Kokusai Shorinjiryu Karatedo is a versatile martial art that includes kicks and throws as well as joint locks, throws and weapon techniques. Characteristic features of our style are spinning motions, emphasis on kicks, the use of jump kicks and punches and body evasions in blocks. Our stances are fairly high and narrow when compared to many other styles.

Kumite matches (sparring) in our style differ from regular sport karate in that we use protective gear such as a chest guard and a helmet. Using the protective gear allows a heavy contact.

Shorinji Ryukyu Kobujutsu

In our karate classes, we also practise with weapons in a kobudo style created by soshi Matsuoi. The most common weapons used in our style are the bo staff, tonfa, bokken, sai and nunchaku. The attacker is typically assumed to be using a sword (wooden bokkens are used in practices for this).

Weapon techniques are practised both on one’s own and in pairs or small groups. There are a few specific katas for weapons, and karate katas can be practised with weapons, as well. 

Two karatekas practice kobudo with Japanese wooden weapons.
Wooden tonfas can be used for both defending and attacking.

Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu

Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu is an iaido style taught at Genb-Kai. Iaido is based on old Japanese swordsmanship and encompasses sets of movement with a sword such as pulling the sword out of saya (a scabbard) and striking. 

Most of the training is done in the form of katas performed against imaginary enemy or enemies. In an attempt to learn an iaido kata, one must practise and polish their technique countless times. 

Mugen ryu Heiho

Mugen ryu Heiho is a martial art created by soshi Matsuoi in 2008. It is based on soshi’s decades of experience in different budo arts. The techniques practised in Mugen ryu Heiho emphasise practicality in concrete situations and using one’s body as a weapon. 

Mugen ryu is a versatile style that includes jujutsu-locks, throws, kicks, throws and different weapons such as the sword or a staff.